We are happy to announce Master Daniel Pesina will be joining us for the 2018 Ohio Toy and Comic Show.  Master Daniel Pesina is a gold medal winner in international as well as USA sanctioned martial arts tournaments. He gained his notoriety for his contribution to the MORTAL KOMBAT franchise. He was the co-creator and actor who portrayed characters such as JOHNNY CAGE, SCORPION, SUB-ZERO, REPTILE, SMOKE, and NOOB SAIBOT. Master Pesina gave physical form to creative concepts and designed the characters’ signature moves (Such as SCORPION’S rope dart)– hallmarks of the franchise that remain relevant in pop culture today. Master Pesina has also done stunt work and played a FOOT SOLDIER for the 1992 TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES II movie as well as work on other independent movie projects.

Prices for Master Pesina

$10 for Photo Op
$10 for 8×10 or 11×17 Autograph
$20 for 24×36 Poster Autograph

Kim DM Simmons
Or better known as The Man Who Shot Luke Skywalker was one of the original photographers for Kenner/Hasbro. He is responsible for the classic pictures on vehicle and playset boxes from the original Vintage Kenner Star Wars line all the way through Kenner’s transition to Hasbro until 2000. Those scenes we remember seeing on the top shelves of our local toy stores, that fill our hearts with nostalgia, we owe to him. Not only was he fortunate enough to build sets and photograph Kenner Star Wars packaging, playlets, figures, and catalog pieces, he also photographed Kroger Ice Cream. He often Joked — What more could anyone ask for? One of the first big scene creations he did as a commercial  photographer was the Star Wars Battle Scene in 1982. He carefully documented the entire shoot in order to use it as his master thesis.

Mr Simmons will have Prints from all the film transparencies and digital files for sale at his table.