This year, the Ohio Toy And Comic Show is proud to host GI Joe and Cobras own Baroness Voice Actress, Morgan Lofting as our Special Guest. She will be in attendance all day Saturday signing autographs, taking pictures, and even leaving voice recordings on telephones!

Morgan Lofting is an American voice actress, who has been featured in series such as: GI Joe (Baroness), Transformers (Firestar and Moonracer), and Spider-Man (as the Black Cat), and additional vocal work in the Arnold Schwarzenegger film Total Recall.

 In a career spanning more than three decades, he has worked for the biggest wrestling promotions, including the WWF/WWE, the AWA, the WCW and ECW, and has won a total of 20 championships.

Marty Jannetty is widely known for his tenure as half of tag team The Rockers, in which he partnered with Shawn Michaels, The duo originally found success during the mid-to-late 1980s under the moniker of The Midnight Rockers, becoming two time AWA World Tag Team Champions and winning various regional titles. They became one of the foremost teams of the WWF’s  “Golden Age”, headlining multiple events. The Rockers held the WWF/WWE World Tag Titles in late 1990, but their reign was voided for disputed reasons.

After splitting from Michaels in early 1992, Jannetty became a WWF’WWE Intercontinental Champion and a the WWF’WWE Tag World Tag Team Champion again, with the 123 Kid. He competed in multiple matches between ECW and the WWF from 1995–1996. He made sporadic appearances for WWE during the latter half of the 2000s (including a brief 2005 reunion with Michaels), and has remained a challenger for titles on theIndy circuit.

Yes, the rumors are true! BOSS FIGHT STUDIOS will be joining us on July.So be sure to come out and say hi and meet the crew! Partake in their Custom Figure Class (More info on this later) Hit up their store for the newest and hottest BFS merchandise around like the Vitruvian HACKs line, Bucky O’Hare, and maybe Sam and Max? (I’m honestly not sure if those will be out by then) Also be sure to hit up their booth for some of the newest info on what’s coming in the future. This is an event you do not want to miss! Boss Fight Studio is a creator owned small business dedicated to developing and producing captivating toys and action figures for collectors.

Thats right! Spero Studios will be joining us as well. Not only bringing the best in their Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Series 2 and Deluxe figures, but also a handful of series under their comic company, like Gritts, Dusk, and the Animal Warriors of the Kingdom GN that started it all… Spero Studios was founded to develop comic books and toy lines for kids of all ages. Our focus is on adults like us who grew up in the 80’s & 90’s and are now having children of their own and are looking to share a hobby or discover a new franchise together!  For us, Spero is about recapturing the joy and fun we had as children and sharing it with everyone.

What! Another kick butt independent toy line? When is it going to stop…. eventually, but not right now. Yes, that’s right, marauder Gun-Runners will be joining us for the 2019 Ohio Toy and Comic Show. They are the source for weapons & accessories scaled for use with ALL collectible 3-3/4 inch action figures. We carry accurate 1:18 scale miniature replica versions of authentic looking weapons or designs based on military & science fiction originals. Sturdy & highly detailed items are NOT “soft & bendy” rubber or “fragile & brittle.” Similar feel to vintage 1980s 1:18 scale weapons. The weapons are perfect for the ADULT COLLECTOR to “upgrade” the equipment of their collectible 3-3/4 inch (1:18 scale) figures or to finally provide those incomplete or custom figures with COOL & INEXPENSIVE accessories. The items we carry are NOT toys and are specifically for the ADULT COLLECTOR ages 15 years and OLDER. Must see in person to appreciate the quality & detail…pictures don’t do the items justice!

Here’s one we’ve been trying to get back to the Ohio Toy and Comic Show for YEARS! Warlords of Wor! A line of 3″ action figures and companion comic books created and produced by ManOrMonster? Studios.

In cooperation with Onell Design and Spy Monkey Creations, ManOrMonster? Studios is proud to bring Warlords of Wor to life as part of the Glyos System family of toys.  Made of durable PVC and ABS plastics, the new Warlords of Wor action figures are fully compatible with all Glyos System products. So be sure to hit up their booth, check out the awesomeness, and buy a hundred figures from them.

Born on May 28th, 1977, James M. Kavanaugh Jr. was the oldest of four siblings. James fell in love with toys early on and found them to be a thrilling way to explore the imagination as well as recreating the exciting scenes brought to him daily via afternoon cartoons. The tagline “collect them all” didn’t hurt as a motivating factor as he stared endlessly at the fantastic art and catalogs that were included with these wonderful toys and action figures.

After a brief hiatus in high school, (yes that was a modern toy collecting joke), James found himself reading 80’s toy-line comics in between studying business and graphic design at Bowling Green State University. A mixture of friendships forged and a cultural shift facilitated by the modern day internet motivated James M. Kavanaugh Jr. to peruse his casual appreciation of 80’s toys and pop culture and make it an all out passion.

James graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree specializing in Fine Arts (graphic design) and started his career in printing. While in printing, he felt his skill set could best benefit the toy community, predominately G.I. Joe, by creating the R.A.H.C. Guide. This guide was the first guide to completely champion the second generation G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero toy line and it’s success has motivated him to champion the subsequent generation.

James became a regular G.I. Joe International Convention goer in 2004 and has yet to miss a show. The positive experiences and friends he gained at said shows has helped to motivate him to co-found two local G.I. Joe collectors’ groups and co-host one of the largest fan-based shows in the world. James is known to attend as many G.I. Joe shows he can around the world and has guest lectured about G.I. Joe in Canada and the United Kingdom. In between shows, James loves producing fan art that has also gained a sense of notoriety while ever-ready to break out in costume in the hopes to get fans invigorated for the show at hand.

When not attending shows or focusing on popular toys, James enjoys popular culture in all forms, music, the arts, running, tennis, yoga, attending various sporting events and festivals, a night on the town including dancing, meeting new friends in all facets of life, and engaging in all aspects of life that may seem foreign to him at the time. To say James is quite the chameleon is quite the understatement.