Big thanks to all our Panelists. We really appreciate it!

All Panels are located in the Auditorium, across from the admission tables.


 11:15am The Ohio Toy Kick:
The Art of Toy photography and the stories behind the images. Each toy has its own background story. Be they action figures, dolls, superheroes or giant mecha (robots).  The Ohio Toy Kick Crew will talk about using these elements to either create thematic, wacky, or down right mesmerizing shots. Have you ever wanted to see you Groot toy taking a stroll in the woods? How about a Boba Fett Action Figure interacting with everyday objects in your kitchen… or how about small, green army men having a life of their own and invading your work-station when you leave the office. The Ohio Toy kick Crew does this, and toy’ll tell you how to do it too!


12:15pm Words for Nerds:
A beginners guide to comics and pop culture podcasting – Have you ever thought your insights on comics, movies and pop culture should be enjoyed by the masses? Join Todd of and The Basement Fodder podcast for tips on recording, producing and promotion.




1:15pm Whats On Joe Mind:
A Podcast about GI Joe… and other nonsense. Depending on where the subject takes them.  “What’s on JOE Mind?” has become the web’s #1 AND longest running round-table discussion format podcast dedicated to the world of GI Joe.  We also invite in “Joe Celebrities” for interviews and to join in the discussion.





2:15pm Master Pesina Demo:
Have you ever wondered how the moves from Mortal Kombat were performed? Well, nows your chance to see the Master himself teach you with his Demo session. Master Daniel Pesina, AKA Scorpion, Sub Zero, and Johnny fracking Cage will be on hand tracking you all the cool tricks of the trade, one of those being how to use Scorpions Dart Throw. GET OVER HERE! and check it out!